Sample Article #1

Below you will find a sample article that was written by one of the passionate Article Turnover writers. All of our writers are in-house right here in NY, we never outsource.

Article Title: Working Capital Provides Slack for Your Small Business

Article Keyword: Working Capital

Article Body: Working Capital is one of the most central of strategic challenges for a business. In an introductory and hence simplistic way, the matter can be mathematically described as a business' current assets less their current liabilities, the resulting number representing the capacity of that business to pay off debt; this is also known as operating liquidity. In layman's terms, working liquidity simply means the amount of financial leeway or slack available to a business.

If a business has much more in the way of financial liabilities than they do assets, they will incur a negative working capital, called a working capital deficiency or deficit. Additionally, a business needs to be sure that its assets are either in cash form or can be quickly converted into cash. Otherwise, those assets can have little effect on the equation against operational liabilities, seeing how their value is practically frozen in place.

Thus sound management of working capital is a principal focus of the successful businessman or woman. Moreover, operational liquidity plays an important part in the valuation of a company, so exercising sound control is important beyond day-to-day reasons. Such considerations are all the more vital in these days of financial turmoil and economic uncertainty.

Indeed, one must "think outside the bank" now, especially as a small business. Oftentimes, banks are simply not the most suitable solutions to problematic situations concerning working capital. One way of providing oneself with ad hoc liquidity is to use Net 30-Day terms with the creditors. For example, suppliers may grant what are in effect month-long loans at no interest – Net 30-Day terms – as standard policy. Taking advantage of this fact means that a business can count on its suppliers to provide operational liquidity for a few weeks each and every month of the year, year after year!

Sample Article #2

Below you will find yet another sample article that was written by one of the passionate Article Turnover writers. All of our writers are in-house right here in NY, we never outsource.

Article Title: Article Marketing That Engages Readers

Article Keyword: Article Marketing

Article Body: Despite the necessity of article marketing, few people actually get it, much less appreciate it. Just visit any of the innumerable article directories on the web and read what is posted. You'll quickly see that the overwhelming vast majority of the posts are poorly written. They are articles in name only, and all too often completely uninspired with no real information provided. This is article marketing gone nuts, as practiced by minimally literate people with very little interest in real writing who think they can simply post a long text string of sufficient length for Google's attention, a very cynical ploy based on mathematics than literature. For these folks, the whole point of an article - to inform the reader in an engaging manner - is replaced by a mathematical monster of keywords, text strings, and algorithms to tickle Google's fancy.

But article marketing is more than that. Let's revisit the good old-fashioned variety for insight. Let us examine article marketing as it was once first practiced to see whether we may improve our own understanding and our own methods to distinguish ourselves from the hacks, barely literate and certainly no intellectuals.

Let us endeavor instead to fight against internet pollution, where everything thrown up by Google is no more than mathematically manipulated garbage bearing little information and even less interest. For article marketing was a powerful promotional tool long before its current incarnation on the web.

It was, and still is offline, almost indistinguishable from real news. So-called old media, meaning newspapers and magazines and television and radio, would in all earnesty put out articles that provided real information that is of use to their readers, viewers, or listeners. Within these pieces or stories, however, a quick casual mention was made of a business, the business that had provided the helpful information in the first place, which mention had the effect of quietly promoting it.

For example, the weekend section of a local paper might put out tips on how to exercise while minimizing injury, with the tips being provided by a local doctor whose practice is mentioned in passing. Or the local radio station might do a spot on healthy cooking, with information courtesy a local chef whose restaurant is also mentioned in passing. The common denominator here is that real information is provided to the reader or listener in an interesting way, with a modest payoff to the business involved in the form of a little publicity and promotion. But professional production values are evident. No sloppy wording, no misspellings, and no going off on a tangent. Everything was tight and designed for the reader or listener.

Now compare that to the stuff floating around the web these days that say nothing much in particular, whose only real purpose is to create backlinks, being meant more for Google than for people. This kind of content is neither creative nor compelling, meant to be scanned by an algorithm for keyword metrics instead of being read by intelligent people who have an interest in the subject matter. It's more marketing than article, and while Google might index it, such tripe won't rank highly with people.
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